We offer solutions to the challenges of suspending, elevating or moving equipment, scenery or people. The installation may be permanent – where there is a requirement to provide long term infrastructure – or temporary.

Our experience across various industries informs every project we work on, enabling us to bring a range of disciplines to each commission. For many years we have played a leading role in the international Motor Show sector, supplying the rigging for all large-scale Ford Motor Group presentations. In the Museums and Heritage sector, we are the leading company for the suspension of large-scale artefacts such as aircraft and automobiles. Capital installations include the Convention Centre Dublin and Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre.

We also undertake a wide range of 'one-off' special projects – our reputation for accepting demanding challenges has resulted in Unusual Rigging working on some of the most interesting and extraordinary projects of the past decade, including Garsington Opera and Harrier and Jaguar in Tate Britain, London. The designs and ensuing drawings for these and all our projects are produced in house, where we have a six strong CAD team. Particularly detailed projects may require upwards of 1250 drawings.

Many people, when they think of Health & Safety, think of bureaucratic rules and regulations made by officials who have no idea how the real world works. While there may be a grain of truth in that, for a company such as Unusual Rigging, employing 80 people in many different roles, Health & Safety is a significant issue.

We take the health and safety of each and every one of our staff, whether a rigger working on site, an office administrator, CAD designer or metal worker in our manufacturing units, very seriously. Our Health & Safety manual runs to 136 pages and covers everything from employing young people and office safety to working at height and safe lifting and handling.

Environmental accountability makes economic sense – waste, whether of raw materials, or utilities such as water – is not just environmentally irresponsible, it is also a waste of money. Suffice it say, then, that Unusual Rigging has always had a responsible environmental attitude!

Wherever possible, we recycle waste, whether that is paper, plastics and cans in the offices or steel and aluminium in the factory. Wood is recycled or re-used. Wherever possible we have introduced low energy lighting and lights are turned off when not in use. Electrical equipment is also turned off when possible, rather than left on stand-by.

Quality people: We strive to provide our clients with excellence, whatever the project, whatever the brief. And that quality begins with our own staff: we encourage all staff to continually improve their skills set and increase their technical knowledge. Our riggers, for example, are among the most highly trained in the industry, the majority of them having attained their Level 3 Rigging Certificate.

Quality products: All the projects we work on, from theatre rigging to suspending large inanimate objects, involve risk during both the build-up and the life of the event. We reduce that risk to a minimum by specifying only the best equipment available.

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