Our extensive stage engineering experience includes design, build and installation of:

  • flying systems and chain hoists
  • overhead crane and handling systems
  • lighting bridges and trussing
  • high level access systems
  • elevators
  • staging
  • grids and galleries, including tension wire grids
  • safety curtains and shutters
  • adjustable acoustics

and associated infrastructure.

As part of a temporary show installation, building refurbishment or new building fit out, Unusual works directly to client or as part of a wider team.

We specialise in finding the right solution for every challenge. Whatever the project, we’ll make sure we always use the best available equipment and materials to meet the client’s expectations.

If you have a specific project that you would like to discuss, you can either email us or talk to us on +44 1604 830083.

"The new flying system is a pleasure to use. We now have a safe and reliable system that can more than accommodate any show, be in touring or producing. With the addition of a full network of rolling beams in the grid, we can now hang anything, anwhere. We've been told we now have a better grid and flying system than most regional or West End houses which has allowed them to hang the full size version of the show that they tour."

Sacha Queiroz, Head of Stage, Dominion Theatre