Every project with which Unusual is involved, whether permanent or temporary, benefits from the services of our design engineers. Whether designing the fixings for a chandelier or a complete stage engineering system, our experienced teams work with clients to ensure the best possible solution for each installation.

As the UK’s most experienced provider of rigging and stage engineering services, we produce all the project designs and ensuing drawings in-house, where we have a six strong CAD team. Particularly detailed projects may require upwards of 600 separate drawings.

Using our combined experience of capital projects, the event industry, theatre staging and rigging, we design and source the best solutions for each project, whether it is a stage elevator system, flying system, tension wire grid or ‘invisible’ suspensions for a museum exhibit.

If you have a specific project that you would like to discuss, you can either email us or talk to us on +44 1604 830083.

“Unusual were very professional and I had total confidence in their design and the technical aspects of the job. The team on site was very helpful and, working in conjunction with the House Rigger, was easily able to overcome the unseen obstacles which always flag up on jobs like this. We are delighted with the engineering and the flexibility the system allows us. It’s a system I wish I’d have had 14 years ago when we first opened.”

Brian Campbell, Event Services Manager, Odyssey Arena