Unusual HQ becomes first on the planet to use sustainable alternative to plasterboard

6th March 2024

Unusual Rigging has become the first customer in the world to take delivery of a ground-breaking new material for its new HQ and research centre.  Breathaboard is a sustainable alternative to plasterboard from award winning company, Adaptavate which has never been used in any other building. It is a scalable, carbon sequestering alternative designed to address the waste, resource sercurity and health of the construction sector. It was therefore a perfect choice for Unusual MD and sustainability champion Tom Harper whose vision of a totally circular and sustainable new base for the company is quickly becoming a reality.
“We are absolutely over the moon to have found a product that has meant we don’t have to compromise on our ambitions to create a fully sustainable new building. Adaptavate, the company behind Breathaboard shares the same ideals as we do which is why we were keen to sign up to their pilot scheme. They really are rethinking and redesigning the way building materials are produced, used and disposed of and their commitment to preserving our fragile ecosystem through innovative design and manufacture aligns strongly with Unusual’s values.”
The new Unusual building, constructed on the same site as its existing premises in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, is set to open this summer. Initial planning was drawn up by Walker Associate Architects who have been on board as the appointed chartered RIBA architects for Unusual ever since the company moved to Bugbrooke in the early 1990s. Taking the project to the next stage are architects Corstorphine & Wright – a practice with the resources and vision to ensure the project is completed to satisfy the ambitions of Tom and the company as a whole.
This has seen extensive research done to ensure that no details are overlooked; choosing carbon sequestering materials, reusing materials where possible, opting for biodegradable materials over carbon intensive ones and addressing heating and lighting requirements with Passive House capacity in mind. The building has been designed so that it can be easily disassembled at end of life, meaning all materials could potentially be reused again. It will run on 100% onsite renewable energy and the surrounding grounds are also being regenerated, adding ponds and specific landscaping bent towards re-wilding.
“We are so incredibly proud of what has been achieved so far and delighted to see the excitement is shared by every single one of our suppliers and contractors who all play such a pivotal part in this project. As a company, we’ve always pushed boundaries – now we can confidently say we’re shattering them. We’ve achieved world-first status, can boast Passive House certification and really feel like we are setting a precedent for green construction, not only as a local business but within the industry in which we operate and worldwide. Moving towards being a cleaner, greener company is something our founder AJ started and seeing this through just adds to his legacy,” concluded Tom.

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