Garsington Opera Pavilion 2017

Client: Garsington Opera
Scope: Enhanced weather protection
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Garsington Opera Pavilion underwent a number of major additions to its existing structure ahead of its summer 2017 programme of events. Unusual Rigging was brought on board to make some additions to the structure, which have seen visitors experience enhanced protection from the unpredictable weather, as well as flexible space beneath the seating tier, which has increased the champagne bar area and acts as a gallery space.

Headed by Mark Priestley, Unusual Rigging:
  • reconfigured and added to the outer sliding screens which provide weather protection
  • added more glazed panels and doors to complete the exterior weather protection envelope
  • took an empty void under the seating tier and created a whole new room, which provides more shelter from the weather, as well as a space, which can be used for hospitality, presentations, rehearsals and as a VIP area - a facility the pavilion was previously lacking.

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