Secret Cinema: Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back 2015

Client: Wonder Works
Scope: Tracking, rigging and infrastructure services
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When Wonder Works was contracted to provide the technical production for Secret Cinema's immersive extravaganza of The Empire Strikes Back, technical director Dave Williams brought Unusual Rigging on board to help with the complex technical delivery.

At a disused site in South East London, more than 100,000 Star Wars fans turned out for the 100-day run. The venue was transformed into locations from Star Wars, including the desert town of Mos Eisley and the Death Star. The project took 10 weeks to assemble and involved a 400-strong production team.

Unusual Rigging:

  • provided the infrastructure for the tracking system for the X Wing. This was made up of a series of winches, which lifted the X Wing up and enabled it to 'fly' through the building
  • provided performer access
  • supplied the rigging and infrastructure for screens, lighting, sound and performer areas, including three bridges used by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for a Light Sabre fight
  • supplied truss and motors from its hire stock for the Cantina lighting and audio.

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